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Patrick's Blog


Posted at 2010-07-14 09:22:14

Charlie reached another milestone this week, though it's one I would have been happy avoiding if it's all the same. This is the week he climbed out of his crib.
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Tiny Lord of the Rings

Posted at 2010-07-07 16:35:54

Doug, my best friend of nearly 20 years and Charlie's Godfather is getting married this weekend, and he's asked my wife and me to stand up in the wedding and for Charlie to be a ring bearer. It's very sweet that he and his wife-to-be want Charlie to be part of the day, and it means a lot to us to be able to celebrate as a family. And though I'm impossibly excited to see Charlie in a little tuxedo walking down the aisle, the situation comes with its own special set of problems.... Keep Reading


Tiny Lord of the Rings: The Two Toddlers

Posted at 2010-07-07 16:30:04

Charlie walked in his first wedding this past weekend, and (much to my mild surprise) everything was a success.

My wife was finally able to track down pants and a shirt for him. His suspenders and bow tie were rented, which took care of that. And my wife's strategic maneuver to put Charlie's dress shoes on him every day leading up to the wedding was a masterstroke, as he didn't let out so much as a displeased whimper on the big day.... Keep Reading


Father's Day

Posted at 2010-06-24 09:53:31

My second Father's Day as an actual father has come and gone, and it's amazing (read: it's not really amazing) how much different the day has become now that I have a child of my own. Growing up, Father's Day was always about giving a gift and a card and basically letting the dads have whatever kind of day they wanted, and if that meant not even being in town to celebrate, that's how it was recognized. And though my wife was trying her best to make it special and create the kind of day she thought I would want to have, I didn't want to spend the day away from her and Charlie (she very sweetly offered to let me go to a movie, my favorite pastime, while she stayed home with the big guy). That's not what I want Father's Day to be.... Keep Reading



Posted at 2010-06-24 09:53:28

This summer, my wife decided it would be a good idea to finally start socializing Charlie and enroll him in a class. While I know that she's 100 percent right about this. After all, she mostly always is. I put up a fight, once again reminding her that if we never let Charlie have any friends, he'll never want to hang out with anyone but us and he can be all ours forever. This seems like a great idea to me, but my wife patiently and sweetly reminds me that it's akin to child abuse. It was a well-reasoned argument, I guess (I GUESS), so I relented and got on board with the gymnastics class.... Keep Reading


Helping Monster

Posted at 2010-06-24 09:30:58

Charlie has entered a new phase of adorableness lately (I know, and I'll say it for you: How is that even POSSIBLE? Can John Cusack really get more awesome? Can "Total Eclipse of the Heart" get any MORE haunting?), but like a lot of things it comes with a dark side. The older he gets, the more he observes me doing things around the house, the more he wants to be like his mama or daddy and help out. Sweet and cute, right? Also, practical. It never hurts to have another set of hands around the house, even if they're tiny and jelly-stained.... Keep Reading


Blackhawks vs. Ironman

Posted at 2010-05-10 10:43:52

My mom came over to babysit this weekend so my wife and I could go see Iron Man 2 (it's good, not great, and not as entertaining as the first one). We made plans to arrive early, plans that fell through, as is often the case now that there's a kid in the picture, anticipating huge crowds for the first weekend of the first big movie of the summer. We (or, more accurately, I) were wrong.... Keep Reading


Grabby Hands

Posted at 2010-04-30 14:32:20

In the days before Charlie was walking, days which I can no longer remember, actually, everyone around us inundated us with constant warnings: "Just wait until he's walking. Then he'll be into everything." Just as soon as he had become the fastest thing on two legs came the next round of questioning, almost the same as the first: "Is he walking? Is he getting into everything?" Now, I know exactly what everyone means when they ask this question.... Keep Reading


Baby Club

Posted at 2010-04-20 15:34:56

The minute Charlie was born nearly 17 months ago, my wife and I became instant members of a club without really having a say. It's the Baby Club, and the only requirement to join is having a baby. That's where the clever name comes from.
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Posted at 2010-04-13 16:37:16

The older Charlie gets, the more dramatic our lives become (I could have just as easily said traumatic, which is kind of the same thing but is less entertaining to outside observers). Some of the drama is externally created. It's totally dependent on the reactions of my wife and me. The rest of it is all on Charlie.... Keep Reading


My Name is Charlie. I Like to Dance

Posted at 2010-04-13 16:31:12

With Charlie learning new things essentially every day now, there's an interesting phenomenon that my wife and I are noticing: Some of his new abilities, his "tricks," we call them, weren't learned from us. Either he picked them up someplace else (not all that possible, considering he's only one and hasn't been out of our sight for his entire life) or they're innate.... Keep Reading


Cut Your Hair

Posted at 2010-03-18 08:37:32

It's funny (it's not really funny) how Charlie's life, and by extension, the lives of both my wife and myself, are defined by certain milestones these days.... Keep Reading


Baby Steps

Posted at 2010-03-18 08:30:15

So, I've been away for a while (because of LIFE) and a lot has changed. Namely, Charlie has gotten a lot older and a lot bigger. He is now officially over one year old. We have been parents for over a year. That fact is as difficult to wrap my head around as anything has been so far, including the whole "growing a person" notion that I keep returning to.
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Big Boy Food

Posted at 2009-11-20 09:51:44

At just under a year, Charlie has crossed another threshold: he is eating grown-up food (table food,I believe is the widely accepted term, not human food, as my wife and I have been known to call it). Admittedly, he had to drag his mama and me across this threshold, as (like with everything else thus far) we've been too nervous to make the leap ourselves. Once again, we are paralyzed with self-doubt: How will we know what to give him? Or how much he'll eat? Or what he'll like? Obviously, this last one is pretty easy to figure out; he's not shy about letting us know what he's feeling at every given second, but we were freaked out all the same. And, so, we continued him on his diet of Stage 3 baby foods and we were all happy.... Keep Reading


Daylight Savings

Posted at 2009-11-10 15:05:03

I'm not going to use this space to rant against the outdated phenomenon that is daylight savings time. Instead, I want to talk about something that I never saw coming: Daylight savings wreaks havoc on babies.... Keep Reading


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